full service healthcare accounting solutions providerAs a health care professional, you need to provide your patients with the most specialized and sophisticated services possible. In a similar way, we at Quatrro strive each day to provide our clients with the best personalized finance and accounting services, and take pride in being one of the best healthcare accounting service company in the country.

At Quatrro, we offer full range of finance and accounting related services to physician groups, doctor’s offices and smaller hospitals. Our cost effective accounting services are designed to help our clients with their financials so that they can well focus on what they do best – patient care.

Quatrro assures healthcare organizations with the following benefits:

  • Reduce overall accounting cost to 40%
  • Improve quality through proven best practices
  • Ensure compliance with dynamic accounting regulations
  • Improved efficiency
  • Flexibility and scalability as your business needs increase
  • Transparency of business insights
  • Monitor expenses and identify saving opportunities
  • Timeliness and accuracy of closing books

    [1] - Bookkeeping System

We, at Quatrro, provide our customers with professional bookkeeping services. Our qualified and dedicated accounting team manages all the finance and accounting books of our customers and maintain them thus making the accounting process easy.

    [2] - Financial Statements

Quatrro helps healthcare organizations in keeping a track of their financial performance by providing them with monthly income statements and balance sheets. These financial statements further help in analyzing the organization’s business’ current position and increasing their future profitability.

    [3] - Simple Data Interpretations

From bank statements to accounts receivable/payable and balance sheets, Quatrro, a leading healthcare accounting service provider makes accounts simple and easy to understand. We convert the organization’s physical data into soft copies that are easy to access and are handy in nature. We work on an online centralized data base that allows the organization’s management to securely access receipts, reports and other financial statements with utmost convenience.

    [4] - Account/Bank Reconciliation

With a heavy flow of patients in and out of the hospitals, it is essential for the management to keep a track of the inflow and outflow of cash. Quatrro helps the management in studying the accounts and doing a thorough account/bank reconciliation from time to time to avoid errors, frauds and even theft.

    [5] - Payroll

Healthcare organizations employ a huge staff. Calculating leaves, processing salaries and cutting cheques becomes a tedious task for them. Our dedicated payroll experts, who are updated with the ever-changing payroll requirements and tax rules, take over the entire payroll process of the healthcare organization and promise an effective and efficient solution.

Quatrro offers all the standard finance and accounting services essential for a healthcare organization. Our team possesses an experience of over 20 years, and has expertise in all aspects of the healthcare industry and hence is one of the leading healthcare accounting service company of the nation. We offer tailor-made services keeping in mind the needs of our customers and ensure efficiency and utmost quality of our work.

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