Payroll Tax Filing and Compliance Online ReportingBusinesses today feel challenged to comply with the ever-changing requirements and complexities of payroll tax rules across state and local jurisdictions, make timely deposits and file quarterly and annual tax returns. Let Quatrro assist you by ensuring that your payroll and associated compliance requirements are handled efficiently and on time, every time.

Quatrro offers a complete payroll solution by providing:

  • Dedicated team of payroll specialists at your service
  • Up-front pricing with no hidden fees
  • Tailored, flexible suite of services

Regardless of your company's size, our flexible payroll services streamline payroll processes, improve productivity and simplify administration.

Weekly/Biweekly/Semimonthly Processing

Quatrro’s Payroll Outsourcing Services ensure timely output by integrating technology and domain expertise. Biweekly payroll processing happens every two weeks while semi-monthly occurs twice per month, usually on the 15th and final day of the month. Employees receive an intimation on the timelines in advance.

However, semi-monthly paydays are not easy to predict, so in order to avoid delays, Quatrro aligns the procedure well in advance, and ensures its accomplishment on time, and thereby mitigating delays.

Payroll Tax Filing and Compliance

Our team of expert professionals effectively manage your entire payroll tax process. By hiring our payroll processing services, your payroll department can focus on other strategic objectives that need more attention. We excel in meeting the deadlines, owing to timely and cost effective payroll tax filing services. That saves you from the stress of making over deposits and filing late fees and penalties. Our strength lies in our capability to understand and address governmental regulations. Quatrro's tax filing services also keep you aware about hidden costs and the other associated risks. Allow your management to direct their efforts in areas that are more critical by passing on the responsibility of taxes to us.

Payment Choices - Check, Direct Deposit and Paycard

Quatrro provides flexible payment settlement options – You can share the details directly to the bank account or automatically load on the personalized card of the addressed one. This significantly adds to the convenience as there is no need to make to and fro trips to the bank, stand in the queues or pay excessive check-cashing fees. Also, the efficient outsourcing payroll team at Quatrro keeps a tight vigil and detailed record of every transaction, so that you get rid of maintaining piles of records. The timely delivery of payments to the concerned stakeholders adds to the reputation of the firm, and also highlights the high professional standards practiced by the brand.

On Demand Checks for Terminations

The efficient administration at Quattro ensures payment of all wages, earned and unpaid at the time of the discharge, or termination of the employees. Our Payroll Outsourcing India team, considers various employment related factors in order to determine the wages .

State-mandated New Hire Reporting

Our umbrella of Payroll Administration Services also includes reporting of the new hire as per the mandate for the records and forms. Quatrro helpsfirms to focus on the operations and execution procedure, and free themselves from the compliance and reporting related aspects of hiring.

Online Reporting

Quatrro maintains a track of the transactions and ensures that deadlines for annual payroll amounts are met. We shorten the turnaround time by completing transactions without having to sign up for full range of online services.

Direct Interface to General Ledger

The final step of the payroll cycle needs utmost attention. Sending payroll data to General Ledger is what our proficient team can easily perform. By Outsourcing Payroll Services to us, you can easily integrate Payroll General Ledger with post earnings and deductions that are associated with a finalized calendar that works as per your General Ledger system.

Time and Attendance

Whether your company is still using paper time sheets or software that doesn’t offer all the capabilities you need, you’ll find Quatrro , has on offer all the solutions that you’re looking for. Our service offers two way communication between employees and their supervisors to facilitate a monitoredprocess for requesting and approving paid time off.

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