Centralized Desktop Management

The global business environment today requires businesses to collaborate with their clients on a 24x7 basis because of easy accessibility to personal computers, emails, Internet and mobile devices. As a result, the expectations from IT infrastructure and information delivery systems to perform flawlessly and ensure smooth communication have become higher than ever. Quatrro understands this need and has introduced a web based software, “Desktop Management System” from Windows, that enables managed service providers to manage their customers' desktop and servers efficiently and smoothly.

Our expert support engineers and specialists provide 24 X 7 support by providing desktop management services to support client's users in a competent and transparent manner and thereby preventing and redressing issues related to Windows Desktop Management System. Our services include integrated desktop management functions such as Software Distribution, Patch Management, IT Asset Management, Remote Control, Configurations, and System Tools.

Software Deployment Remote Control

  • Software and Script Distribution
  • Stand alone & multiple wks deployment Pro-active Maintenance
  • Silent installation
  • MS Windows X, Mac OSX & applications
  • Attended and Unattended
  • Home grown MSI packages can be deployed Asset Management
  • Groupware & 3rd party deployment Patch management

How the Service Benefits to the Customer

  • Automate most of the routine tasks such as Patch Management, Application Deployment, Upgrading the Applications and OS-e's to the latest service pack, etc.
  • Standardize the desktop, system, and application settings of your clients' computer such as browser proxy / home page settings, desktop wall paper settings, outlook settings and so on.
  • Secure your clients' computers by applying security policies, restricting the USB device usage, installing up-to-date patches and service packs etc.
  • Troubleshoot your clients' desktops by taking control of their computer remotely and making the necessary changes.
  • Audit the software / hardware assets of all your clients, manage their software licenses and ensure that they are compliant, track the software usages and detect / uninstall any unauthorized software installations.

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